models own 50% sale

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Models Own are celebrating reaching 250,000 likes on Facebook by holding a 50% off sale starting at 10am on Wednesday 29th of January.

I am excited about this for three reasons:
  • Models Own clearly label relevant products as suitable for vegans, so it is super simple for me to know what I can and cannot buy - always a novelty
  • I am extremely excited by their new HyperGel nail polishes which promise to give you gel finish nails without the UV- I am just anxiously awaiting confirmation that these polishes are vegan - since they are so new they aren't yet listed in their ingredients section! Fingers crossed!
  • I am actually available during the day for once tomorrow so I shall be around at 10am on the dot filling up my shopping basket!
 As a general rule of thumb, all nail polishes from their range are vegan, as are the blushers, but most of the eye products have beeswax (usually listed under cera alba)

I am slightly skeptical about the sale for one reason only - I have only ever attempted to purchase something from the Models Own site on two previous occasions, both of which were 50% off sales, and each time the website crashed under the huge amounts of traffic and I was left empty handed after fruitlessly refreshing the page and my basket. It was a grim experience! I am hoping that they have learned their lesson this time and that they are equipped to deal with the certain bedlam that is due to hit their servers at 10am tomorrow!

I currently have no less than 15 nail polishes in my shopping basket which is utterly ridiculous and someone really should forcibly remove my laptop from me, but at 50% off I am going with the age old 'girly' logic that I am really saving myself huge amounts in the long run. That's true, right?! (back me up here)

Do you have your eye on anything in the sale? You can register an account now over on their website which I would recommend doing in advance of the sale starting to save yourself time in the morning!

Happy sale shopping!


  1. I've just made a cheeky order. I couldn't help myself! Half price is just too tempting!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. Half price... that's very, very tempting!

    Just read half your blog - super cute. Started following on Twitter and Bloglovin'! Check back?

    Kat B


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